15 out-of-the-box gift ideas for the artists and creatives in your life

“That wonderful time of the year” is approaching! No matter what you celebrate, the holidays come with the opportunity to show appreciation for special people in your life. If your loved one is an artist you might be wondering what to gift them. And even, how to celebrate yourself with a little gift for your creative endeavors this year.

If you want to cherish that bond with a little something that reminds that person of how special they are and how much the world needs their unique creative voice, the ArtPlacer team has gathered a list of gift ideas for the artists in your life that will make them run to their medium of preference and start creating.
We are even available to make a special gift happen with our own customizable ArtPlacer digital Gift Card that gives your loved one access to art marketing tools. Click here to get in touch with our team and personalize your ArtPlacer Gift Card. Keep reading to find other creative gift ideas for artists.

Celebrate the artists in your life with a special gift that says “I support your creative endeavors”.

1: An ArtPlacer gift card

Past are the days when a digital gift card could feel like an impersonal gift. A customizable gift card (according to your possibilities) to the subscription says “I know what you like and what you need”. That’s why the ArtPlacer team has created a special way to give access “to marketing kits to make art business grow” to the artists in your life.

What does this gift card include? Full access to all features like:

  • Exquisite room mockups to show art pieces in place. (Even our customizable Smart Spaces).
  • 3D Virtual Exhibitions: customizable digital galleries to create art shows online.
  • Website integrations: widgets that can create e-commerce and “try before you buy” experiences for potential customers on the artist’s website.
  • Personal spaces: an easy way to show collectors how their art will look displayed in their own rooms.
  • Art Fair Planner: is your artist friend constantly working on their next in-situ exhibition? This digital tool will help them come up with the perfect setup for their pieces, saving time and resources.
  • Augmented Reality widget: through the ArtPlacer app potential customers or collectors can check how a piece would look in any space with just a few tabs.
  • Discover Profile: to erase frontiers and show their work to a global audience, our Discover page unites collectors, artists, and art lovers in a place where they can find new art pieces and creators according to their taste, augmenting their reach and exposure.

Which ArtPlacer Plan is ideal to gift to your artist loved one?

Our Basic plan is ideal for novel artists and those who are giving their first steps into creating their art business, while our Advanced plan is thought for seasoned artists with large catalogs and gallerists. The ArtPlacer team is available to help you customize and advise you on which plan will be the best fit. This includes helping you decide the time frame for the subscription: from 3 months to a year.

Are you interested in giving ArtPlacer to those special artists in your life? Reach out to us: info@artplacer.com, will be glad to help you make this special gift happen.

2. A journal

Journaling is more than just a trend. This is a full creative practice that can have many uses for artists: from “morning pages” exercises (free writing), to project documentation, ideas listing, and many more. A journal is a great gift for artists, they can turn it into whatever their creative process needs.

3. A stylus pen

In case you don’t know, a Stylus is a pen-like object used to draw on tablets and drawing pads. Your digital artist friend will find it useful and considerate, is a big push for what they do. Elevate this “simple” gift by adding a set of different rubber conductive foam nibs. These give the artist a wide array of options for lines and strokes and they can expand it with certain software or apps.

4: A set of brushes

A classic is a classic for a reason. No matter if your loved one is a seasoned artist or is taking their first steps in the art world, they will appreciate a fresh set of brushes. Make sure the set has a pair of flat brushes, and round ones, as well as filberts, fans, and wash brushes.

5: A drawing pad

This gift is an investment but is so much worth it. A digital drawing pad opens a new set of possibilities for painters, illustrators, designers, and many more. There is one for every skill and mixed in with different apps is a well-rounded tool.

6: A disposable camera

Call it nostalgia or going back to basics. Disposable cameras are making a comeback. Many creators are going back to analog photography to experiment with this medium without the intervention of social media filters. A big plus is the tangible result they provide: ideal for collages and mixed media artworks

7: A set of watercolor paints

There is an inherent beauty in watercolor paints, they have a certain softness and even a rebellious nature. Artists can do a myriad of things with this type of paint from a “wet on wet” technique to soft layers of color. Make sure to invest in a good quality set, even if it has limited a color palette, the opportunity to mix them in opens a set of possibilities for creators with different levels of skills.

8: A sketch paper notebook

Creativity might spark at any moment and having a nice sketch notebook with you at all times is a nice way to save up ideas, draft new creations, and define what to paint before hitting the canvas. Your artist friend will thank you for it.

9: A markers set

Never underestimate the power of a proper tool. A good set of markers will always come in handy no matter what medium an artist usually works with. You can choose different types and sizes of tips, as well as a variety of color palettes.

10: A printing kit

A mini printing kit can be a thoughtful gift for creatives looking for a new medium to experiment with or starting to dabble in the art print world.

11: A set of pencils

This is the base of any artist’s tool kit. Either for drawing or sketching, a good set of pencils is an essential tool. You can go with traditional pencils or mechanical ones, make sure the set brings a variety of pencils from the light 9H to the dark and stronger 9B type.

12: A wooden human mannequin

Some artists are eternal students of the human form. A good quality wooden human mannequin is a great gift that will enable them to see a body from different angles and positions and bring them to life in the medium of preference. Plus, it is a good aesthetic touch to their personal studio or place of work.

13: A palette

A palette made in a material that is made to last, is essential for any artist. It should have enough space to carry the set of paints they are using but also for mixing and testing color shades. When it comes to shapes and materials you can get super creative (and make it an even more special gift), and look for something unique in wood, metal, and even ceramic or glass.

14: An easel

An easel is the centerpiece of an artist’s studio. There is a great variety of them, adaptable to not only their style but their lifestyle! See what kind of work your loved one inclines to and choose between full-size easels or even small easels made for working on a table or desk.

15: A light box

Once their work is done, all artists go through the process of registering their creations. A light box is ideal to facilitate the process of taking pictures of their artwork. There is a great variety in the market including portable ones.

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ArtPlacer is the ultimate marketing tool to make your art business grow. Check www.artplacer.com

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ArtPlacer is the ultimate marketing tool to make your art business grow. Check www.artplacer.com