31 Art Prompt ideas to exercise your creativity and boost your artistic mind

There is a well-known quote by Pablo Picasso that goes: “inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”. Art Prompts ideas work around this concept. These are cues thought to trigger creation around a certain concept or topic. A good way to exercise creativity, break an artistic block, or just spark your creativity on a daily basis.

Art Prompts are good guidelines to follow to answer questions like “What should I draw?”, “What should I paint?”, “What should I photograph?”, “How can I experiment with another medium?”. The goal of an art prompt is to motivate you to create. The results are open: anything can happen if you are open to experimenting. Keep reading the free ArtPlacer Guide to 31 days of Art Prompt ideas.

Art Prompts are meant to keep you going back to face the blank canvas.

What are Art Prompt Ideas

By definition, a prompt is a fact, an idea, or even an event, that causes or encourages a certain activity. In the art world, these are used in theater, writing, performance, and even visual arts to cue an action. Art Prompt ideas are guidelines meant to inspire creators and give them subjects to tackle. The intention is to get the ideas flowing, break with the fear of facing the blank canvas, and just DO.

A good way to exercise your creativity is to work with an Art Prompt every day.

Art Prompts Ideas to follow

We are all creatives, but to keep those innovative ideas flowing, that creative muscle needs to be exercised. With that idea in mind, the ArtPlacer team has come up with an Art Prompt Guide with 31 universal ideas, subjects, and themes to follow. These are universal concepts that can be adapted to any medium to boost your creativity.

Ready to start? Let’s get going!

  1. Your favorite character
  2. A happy memory
  3. Portray an emotion
  4. Your safe place
  5. A self-portrait
  6. A splash of color
  7. Golden hour
  8. Hands
  9. A close-up
  10. A remix of your favorite artwork
  11. Theme: the 10th image saved on your phone
  12. A treasure
  13. Silhouettes
  14. A desire
  15. Your surroundings
  16. Eyes
  17. Black & White
  18. Theme: sky
  19. A place you want to visit
  20. Something you can’t live without
  21. Challenge: do it with your eyes closed
  22. An icon
  23. Theme: shadow
  24. A guilty pleasure
  25. Challenge: use a medium you have never worked with before
  26. A sound
  27. Underwater
  28. A cover for your favorite album
  29. Theme: time
  30. Challenge: use only geometrical shapes
  31. An achievement
Art Prompts give artists the chance to experiment with different tools and mediums.

What do you need to start working with art prompt ideas: tools & supplies

Art Prompts are meant to encourage working with certain ideas to create new artworks. The themes are just as diverse as the approach you might take to bring that concept to life. What do you need to work in your Art Prompt Guide? Well, all your favorite artist’s tools!

This is a short list of tools that might come in handy:

  • Pencils, crayons, markers, and pens.
  • Acrylic and oil paints, as well as watercolors.
  • Paper sheets
  • Canvas
  • Journal
  • Materials for collages
  • Brushes
  • And digital art tools like editing software, drawing pads, and stylus pens.
Open up your creative process: share your art prompt-inspired creations with your audience.

What to do with your art prompt-inspired creations

Inspiration and creativity generate a cycle, one feeds the other. Once you get working with your Art Prompt guide, facing the blank page (or canvas) will turn into a daily habit. What to do with the results of this exercise? A good option is turning your whole month of daily creations into a 3D digital art show.

With ArtPlacer’s Virtual Exhibitions you can easily upload your new artworks, place them in a digital gallery (ranging from an art fair booth to a museum space), frame them, and customize floor, walls, and ceiling colors to create an atmosphere. This could be a register you keep for yourself to track your progress or a chance to create a bond with your audience by sharing a part of your creative process. You can easily share your curated online gallery with a link or host it on your professional website.

If you want to inspire your audience you can share your new art pieces on social media in a creative way. Hang your art prompt-inspired drawings or paintings in a digital mockup. With ArtPlacer’s Library Spaces, just “drag and drop” your artwork in a room that fits your style, customize the frame and lighting to achieve a real-life look, crop it in your desired social-media size ratio to post it, and share it. Is that easy!

Now go back to the Art Prompt Guide by ArtPlacer, go to Day 1 and work with a new concept to spark your creativity.

Remember to share your creations on Instagram with #artplacer to get featured.

Originally published at www.artplacer.com.



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