ArtPlacer in 2022: 12 months of growth

As the end of the year approaches we take the time to reflect on the past twelve months. 2022 was definitely an interesting year at ArtPlacer: entering this “new normal” after the pandemic was challenging. As society went back to in-situ events, we faced the demand to provide the art community with a marketing tool that was useful for a hybrid market that combined both virtual and traditional spaces.

“Our challenge was to maintain ArtPlacer’s growth in a different landscape where brick-and-mortar again were options to display and market art” — Nicolas Michael. ArtPlacer Co-Founder.

When the challenge arose, when a roadblock appeared, or when the community asked for something, our team was there to raise up to the occasion and reshape our features to provide you with premium art marketing tools.

This wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of you that chooses ArtPlacer as an essential part of your art business plan. We want to congratulate you on a fulfilling year. Keep reading and join us on this journey through our 2022.

2022 was a year of big launches that strengthened ArtPlacer as a premium art marketing tool.

Big Launches that shaped ArtPlacer in 2022

We wanted to offer the best ArtPlacer experience to our community and that led to developing new features that support different stages of an art business plan.

We improved our quality aiming to become the solution artists need: a one-stop integral marketing tool” — Martin Zaleski. ArtPlacer Co-Founder

Smart Spaces

The community asked for it and the ArtPlacer team delivered. Smart Spaces are customizable room mockups to show your art in place. Now users have the option to pick wall colors to highlight their art and layer their pieces behind objects to achieve more realistic results.


Information is key and we know it. Our Analytics feature for 3D Virtual Galleries and Website Integrations provides deep insights into user behavior, from the most sought-after artworks to general audience characteristics. All are essential to strengthen an art marketing strategy.

Art Fair Planner

We know you need and want to plan in advance. With this version of our Art Fair Planner, you can digitally curate an upcoming art fair booth with the precise dimensions of the space and art pieces. A tool that helps you save time and resources, as well as unnecessary artwork handling.

The new face of

In order to provide a better user experience got a full revamp in 2022. And it is not just about the look: our new website and web app were optimized to facilitate its usage and provide a better explanation of our tools and features to our community.

Meanwhile, we took on a new challenge: providing artists and galleries with insights to solidify their art business. Our blog was turned into a space where they could find essential resources and start interesting debates about current trends, and the history of the art world. Our main objective was to provide our users with the information they needed to improve and strengthen their art marketing strategies.

Our platform improvements made big differences that helped artists and galleries reach their art marketing goals.

How ArtPlacer improved its features: you needed it, and we made it happen

It’s all about the details. One step at a time we improved the interface and interactivity of ArtPlacer’s web and mobile app, enhancing our users’ experiences.

Our 3D Virtual Galleries now have more placeholders to open up the chance to add more artworks and create more intricate layouts, especially for smaller pieces. Art is a universal language, and with that in mind, our virtual galleries can now be shared in Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch!

Library Spaces also got an update in 2022: we added a rotation capability, which is especially useful for more abstract pieces. And now you can find rooms that fit your style and creative vision easily with our Curated Collections and our improved search bar.

Our Widget Generator was updated. Forget about coding, we got this task done for you to easily integrate this e-commerce feature with your website. New languages such as Finnish, were added to our list of widget-supported languages which also include Polish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Dutch, and others.

And when it comes to helping you get that desired sale of an artwork, we opened up more options to create a frictionless shopping experience for collectors: prices are now shown in worldwide currencies, and of course, cryptocurrencies.

Our team grew in numbers and developed skills and ideas to provide our community with the best possible experience.

The ArtPlacer team keeps growing and evolving

All of these things wouldn’t be possible without the ArtPlacer team. Together we embraced challenges and found new solutions. New talents joined the group this year strengthening each area of ArtPlacer, new and seasoned teammates worked together towards common goals.

“I am proud of the great atmosphere in ArtPlacer where everybody feels comfortable and important in helping ArtPlacer grow”. Nicolas Michael. ArtPlacer CoFounder.

One of our greatest joys is the shared bond within our team. We have created a space where everybody feels comfortable being who they are and providing their unique point of view to reach our goals. 2022 in particular gave our team the chance to explore new artistic interests that helped us revise and enhance ArtPlacer.

The ArtPlacer team is not only composed of top-notch developers, exceptional customer experience agents, graphic designers, and marketers, after-hours they are also artists (and art lovers) with a deep interest in photography, literature, digital art, acting, dancing, filmmaking, and music!

What comes next: 2023

With 2023 on the horizon, we have already drafted big plans for ArtPlacer! We are excited to see new tools and projects flourish, improve and strengthen our existing features, and to grow along with our users.

“Today our start-up is in an ongoing improvement process, strengthening our platform. This is the result of the close collaboration we have with the artistic community: they express what they need”. Martin Zaleski. ArtPlacer Co-Founder.

The ArtPlacer community is key to this process: your feedback draws the guidelines to build a solid and one-stop art marketing tool. Our goal is to match the pace of the artistic world and provide you with the resources to grow in a hybrid world and reach your goals as an artist, gallerist or art professional at any stage of your career.

We want to be at the forefront of helping artists close the gap between the digital and “the real” world, building an ecosystem of tools that can help them thrive on their own terms in this new age of the art world.

The ArtPlacer team wishes you a happy 2023 full of health, creativity, and growth!

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ArtPlacer is the ultimate marketing tool to make your art business grow. Check

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ArtPlacer is the ultimate marketing tool to make your art business grow. Check