Celebrating our 4-year anniversary: Meet the team behind ArtPlacer

6 min readApr 25, 2023

ArtPlacer was launched 4 years ago with the intention to provide artists with tools to showcase their artworks and boost their careers. This has been a journey of learning, engaging with our community, and stepping up to provide them with exactly what they need to achieve their goals.

Behind every feature, exhibition, email, or blog post, there is a team of creatives and innovators putting their best efforts to make it happen and offer the best assets to the artistic community.

We want to thank YOU for being part of this journey and introduce you to the team that has made it possible!

We are constantly finding new reasons to celebrate and get together.

4 years of Innovation: Meet ArtPlacer’s Development Team

The head of our Development team is Martin Zaleski (CTO and Founder) who leads with a mix of “get into action” and “enjoy being excited about it”, his goal with ArtPlacer has always been clear:

“We aim to become a real partner for artists who want to make a living out of their art. We want to be the go-to experts when they need help marketing their art and making more sales. And we are doing this by providing useful tools and education to make better decisions.” . - Martin Zaleski (CTO and Founder).

But who seats at the table next to him “taking amazing product ideas and trying to make them a reality by coding them out”? That would be Software Engineer Ezequiel Wajs. Our go-to person if we want to know incredible facts about space exploration and astronomy or a really accurate meme.

And here comes our team of developers: as Gaston Lisnovsky puts it, they are the ones “developing new features and making bug fixes”. And he is not alone in the task. By his side is Alan Basavilbaso (fun fact: he is learning how to fly planes and take us all on rides), and Matías Greco, who recognizes that the best part of his job is exchanging knowledge, working as a team, and finding solutions to problems in order to offer the best tools possible to artists.

Have you seen our virtual exhibitions? Nico Magno and Nicolas Ferraro are working on them. You might find this duo on a corner dropping inside jokes, but behind the laughs, they are actually “assisting artists in presenting their artwork within a lifelike and interactive 3D environment”.

And if you are wondering who makes sure that everything runs smoothly to offer you a top-notch experience; that’s the work of QA Tester, Miguel Guaimas who “reviews each new functionality before it goes to production”.

Giving a warm welcome to 2023 and the plans ahead.

“Like and share”: Introducing the team behind ArtPlacer’s Marketing Strategy

“You’ve got mail: It’s Erica from ArtPlacer!” If you have seen this in your inbox, you are talking with our Marketing Manager, Erica Goldemberg. She has been here since ArtPlacer started and leads the team with “creativity and enthusiasm”. A photographer and avid traveler, she brings that sense of wonder to the smallest task or the biggest project: like bringing educational free webinars that will help our community of artists boost their careers.

Our marketing team is a female lead powerhouse composed of Agostina Milani, Digital Marketing Assistant, “the one behind the look and feel of our social media channels, creating engaging and interesting content for our followers”.

Plus, Marketing Assistant, Abril San Pedro. She is a fellow painter who always has “the bigger picture” in mind and is focused on bringing results to the table. Her most rewarding experience at ArtPlacer? “Working with artists and creative minds.”

And María Añez, Content Creator. When she is not crafting a new read for our community she is the familiar face welcoming you to webinars, online boot camps, and all types of new resources the team has prepared to help you understand and apply the basis of art marketing. She is an artist, performer, and comedian.

This team might be hard to miss in a crowd: they are looking to engage with artists, establish conversations and debates, and always have a good pop-culture reference under their sleeve. This team strongly advises all artists to watch Fleabag and all works by Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Meet our founders: Nicolas Michael and Martin Zaleski.

From Concepts to Reality: Meet ArtPlacer’s product team

As founder and CEO, Nicolas Michael has always had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve along the team: ArtPlacer is forging an important niche in the art world by providing a wide range of useful marketing features to emergent and established artists.”

He is involved in strategic conversations drafting the roadmap that keeps ArtPlacer in constant evolution, he is an avid football fan and a jazz connoisseur.

But he is not alone in this task of defining which features could be useful for artists and how to develop them. With him are also Martin Zaleski, Erica Goldemberg, and Carolina Aliotta, our UX/UI Design maven, who is focused on “the process of improving the experience of the users inside ArtPlacer both in web and mobile”.

Sometimes it is all about fun and games.

Always there to help: Get to know ArtPlacer’s Customer Experience Team

We are really proud of our Customer Experience Team led by Juan Dominguez. He is the listener type and is here to make sureour subscribers get the most out of our platform”. Always open to new ideas, new solutions, and a good debate about films.

He works alongside a group of Customer Experience Agents that make things happen. Isabella Augspach, she mixes her analytical mind with a “feel-good vibe” and works on helping each artist get on board with ArtPlacer. Romina Robles and Nadia Politis, are two powerhouses who are actively talking with users from all over the world, helping them with their particular needs and giving them a push in their journey.

This team’s vision is “to empower artists and galleries to showcase their work in the simplest way possible”, and while they do that they are also amazing teammates, and creatives who are also always available for all ArtPlacer teams. The best example of how teamwork makes the dream work.

Sneak peek view of our end of the year celebrations.

The years to come: a look into ArtPlacer’s future

We have said it before: we have big goals for ArtPlacer and we are working towards them. Meanwhile, we enjoy our present, our achievements, and getting more involved with the artistic community (and even developing our own artistic sides).

We want to thank every person who has been a part of the ArtPlacer team in these years, you paved the way for everything that is to come.

With only the future ahead of us, we are focused as a team on providing the best tools and resources to help artists achieve their goals.

As Nicolas Michael puts it: “we want to become the best platform to help artists, galleries, and art consultants, market their art.”

This couldn’t be possible without every single artist and creative who has been a part of our journey. You are our main inspiration and motivation, and for that, we want to say thank you!

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