Everything you need to know about designing social-media-worthy mock-ups of your art

3 min readJan 17, 2023

ou have an amazing piece of art in your hands and you want to share it with the world. Creating a room mockup can give people interested in your vision a fully-rounded view of how your artwork interacts with space and what’s your aesthetic.

This is also a great way to create engaging and eye-catching content for your social media channels and professional website. From big halls to living rooms or hotel-like spaces, there are different rooms with a variety of styles (and customization options) to highlight your art and create a cohesive feed that will communicate your point of view as an artist.

Keep reading to get all the tips to create Insta-worthy room mockups of your art in place!

Instagram profile by abstract painter Vered Brett.

How to photograph your art to showcase it in a room mockup

Before you begin creating an exquisite room mockup of your art, you need a good picture of your piece to showcase it in the best way possible. And that’s something simple to achieve in 5 simple steps at home.

Choosing the right color for your art room mockup

Trends come and go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your favor to highlight your essence and showcase your art in innovative ways. A good color palette that plays with the color of your piece can create an eye–catching effect that will make people stop scrolling, take a look at your creation and drop a Like or a Share.

Artwork by abstract painter Vered Brett.

Create a room mock-up in 5 steps

From choosing the right room to finding the perfect layout of your art in the space, we have broken down in 5 simple steps how to create an exquisite room mockup. Follow this guide and its recommendations for tweaking lighting and other values to achieve an image you won’t be able to wait to share!

Insider tips to create exquisite room mockups of your art in place

You have 2 minutes? Then you have all the time you require to create a room set up to showcase your art. To achieve the desired look, we recommend that you watch these short video tutorials:

Now give it a try and create the next room setup that will rank up all the like!

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