How to create a killer strategy to make your Virtual Exhibition sell

Before the Opening: put your show on the map

Use Instagram to arouse curiosity

Instagram Stories sticker for opening day

Create a virtual event on Facebook

Talk to your audience personally with Email Marketing

Launching newsletter on MailChimp

Opening Day: It’s showtime!

Best techniques to publish your show

Sergio Gomez’s Instagram Reel about his online exhibition
Martin Svensson’s 3D Show

What’s working on Social Media right now?

Pro tip: There’s no need for you to rush on opening day since you can pre-schedule your posts. Tools like Facebook Creator Studio and Hootsuite are fantastic to plan the strategy in advance.

Share the news using Email Marketing

Pro tip: Art is about emotions and feelings, and music is too. Sharing a customized Spotify playlist might add an extra something to the viewing experience making visitors connect with your artworks on a deeper level. You can choose to share the playlist you listened to while creating the pieces, or music that complements the visuals.

Spotify Playlist

During The Show: how to maintain interest

ArtPlacer Virtual Exhibitions add some extra spice with the use of Augmented Reality technology. Visitors can superimpose your artworks on their walls and see how they would look in their space. This works wonders in undecided collectors.

Make the most out of social media interactions

Nashid Chroma Post — Instagram Stories Question Sticker

Keep the conversation going via Email

Pro Tip: As your pieces sell, you can mark them as “sold” inside the exhibition. In this way, you will create a sense of urgency in hesitant visitors.

Out of Africa’s Online Exhibition on Discover ArtPlacer

What’s next once the show ends?

Social media updates

House of Art and Love Instagram post

Your Turn!



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