How to sell Art as an independent artist: 10 ideas for an art business

here are several paths to follow that can lead to a successful art business that is as original as you.

How to price your art: a formula for art selling

Establish good communication with your potential clients: let them know everything about your artwork.

How to create a seller art piece description

Thanks to the internet, selling your art as an independent artist is now more accessible than ever.

10 ideas to sell art online

Using social media to sell your art

Make it easy for your customer to access the information they need to buy your art.

Create an artist website to sell your art

Online or in person, building relationships with people in the art world can lead to getting your work in front of the right eyes.

The art selling backstage: networking

First-time shoppers and new collectors usually look for art prints as a first investment.

Selling your art prints: the profitable side of printmaking

NFT virtual exhibition by Thad.

NFTs: the future of art selling, royalties, and copyright

Your niche is that particular segment of the market interested in the subjects or characteristics of your work.

Cater to your niche: selling art to a specific market

Your artwork can be the centerpiece of a model room or a coffee shop and spark a buyer’s interest.

Consignment and loans: sharing leads to art selling

With just a few clicks a customer can find and shop your artwork in an online marketplace.

How to sell art in an online marketplace

With the help of digital tools like gallery apps, you can create your own virtual exhibition accessible to all.

Create your own exhibition: selling art on your own terms



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