Join the webinar: “Art Sales Strategies for Long-Term Success” with Chase Teron

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ArtPlacer has partnered with Chase Teron and Artica Studio to present to our community the “Targeting Success” webinars, a 3-part series intended to help artists unlock the secrets of an art sales strategy and know their art buyers, in order to achieve their own business goals.

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Chase Teron is a Canadian wildlife photographer with expertise in digital marketing.

Meet the host of the “Targeting Sucess” series: Chase Teron

Chase Teron is the host of the “Targeting Success” series. In three installments he is sharing special insights coming from his experience as both a wildlife photographer and a digital marketing expert.

His vast work as a wildlife and nature photographer is driven by his interest in raising awareness of sustainability and environmental conservation. This led him to create Artica Studio, a marketing organization focused on providing communication resources and solutions to creatives and non-profit organizations. They also host adventure and wildlife photography tours.

Chase Teron is also the co-founder of the “100 for the Ocean” initiative, which united 100 of the world’s top photographers in the quest to raise awareness and funds for the preservation of marine ecosystems.

What you will learn: Unlocking the Secrets of Art Sales Strategy

In the third and final webinar of the series, “Art Sales Strategies for Long Term Success”, Chase Teron will share powerful insights on how to price your artworks, how to target your audience for sales, and more.

This session will cover everything you need to know to create a steady sales flow:

  • Budgeting your art business: what to consider when starting
  • Essential earning considerations for every artist
  • Automations for your strategy
  • Copywriting and marketing strategies

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