This is what happened inside the Art Marketing Bootcamp hosted by ArtPlacer and Art NXT Level

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As 2022 came to a wrap, we got into action. We wanted to ring in the new year with a big bang. Here at ArtPlacer, we had already drafted a big goal for 2023: generating spaces where we could share tools and resources to help our community achieve their art business goals in the next twelve months and so on.

The next step was creating a first experience where all this could come to fruition. Long-time collaborator, artist and curator, Sergio Gomez joined the brainstorming. The end result was a partnership between Art NXT Level and ArtPlacer that resulted in the first Art Marketing Bootcamp. A week filled with free training sessions covering everything from goal setting to upgrading your own marketing strategy.

Keep reading and discover what happened next.

This webinar series is now available inside ArtPlacer Academy. Log in to your ArtPlacer account or start your free trial.

The Art Marketing Bootcamp community

More than 2000 artists from all corners of the world joined the group where the live sessions were going to be held. What happened next was our biggest reward: each one of them got involved by sharing their personal experiences, and their artworks, and joining challenges to increase their reach.

But the engagement didn’t stop at a comment, a like, or a post shared with the #ArtMarketingBootcamp hashtag. These creators went the extra mile, they started conversations with other artists, and even established partnerships to be companions in their path to accomplish their freshly drafted goals.

This was a big reminder that art is a universal language.

Meet our Speakers Dr. Yanina Gomez, Sergio Gomez, María Añez, and María Carla Genovesi.

The Art Marketing Bootcamp speakers and what they had to share

Are you familiar with the phrase “we fear what we don’t know”? Well, that was our starting point. We wanted to provide artists with all the information and resources they needed to take the stress out around marketing and selling, and go back to focus on their personal objectives and creative work.

On day one of the Bootcamp, author, and psychologist, Dr. Yanina Gomez covered up how to set goals for 2023 and stay focused on how to reach them. Then, Sergio Gomez took the virtual stage to share his take to explain different strategies to power up art businesses.

By day two we took a big dive into our main subject: Art Marketing. On behalf of ArtPlacer, marketing expert and content creator María Añez gave a full explanation of today’s Art Buyer’s Journey and what digital tools artists can use to enrich the purchase or investment process to secure a sale. Meanwhile, Sergio Gomez shared a blueprint on how to increase your exposure, and therefore, your sales, as an artist.

On day 3 our community was buzzing with questions that were answered by Añez, Gomez, and fellow artist Maria Carla Genovesi in a Live Q and A where no subject was left untapped. From tips on how to share your artworks on room mockups and engaging your audience with online art shows, to burning questions about copyright issues, how to price your artworks or how to engage with galleries.

The audience response was so big we added two Bonus sessions where Sergio Gomez and Maria Carla Genovessi explained the most technical parts of marketing strategies and art marketing tools in deep detail to artists.

What comes next: after the Art Marketing Bootcamp

We want to say thank you to everyone who made this event possible. Every artist, every artwork shared, and everything that happened inside the group created a contagious vibe of getting involved and learning. Artists want to know more, they want to reach their goals, and we are fully energized and ready to provide them with the resources they need.

Our goal is to keep generating events and resources that will help other artists bloom. Stay tuned and follow our next steps to discover what our team is working on towards reaching that goal.

And if you were part of the Art Marketing Bootcamp, feel free to drop a comment and share your thoughts on this experience and what you learned from it.

We are sure we will see you again covering new themes and subjects that are essential to today’s artists.

Now we can all say that we are artists on a mission.

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