What is the perfect gallery space for your next online art show?

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An online art show proposes plenty of opportunities for artists and curators. With just a few clicks they can customize a space that portrays their style, aesthetic, and message, an ambiance that enhances their artwork collection and the storytelling around.

With that in mind and with the help of assets that can make the gallery come to life, all artists can create their own Virtual Exhibition with ArtPlacer. But as with all creative processes, a 3D online gallery starts with the right selection of a space. Just like you would do with an “in real life” show.

Keep reading and discover the variety of existing ArtPlacer Virtual Galleries, their characteristics, and what are the best fit for these spaces according to your creative needs.

See Salvador’s demo exhibition “Listen to the Light”.

Meet Salvador: your very own private art fair booth

The Salvador gallery comes to life taking inspiration from New York’s world-renowned fine art fairs. This is the ideal art fair booth, though to host up to 33 wall art pieces and 2 sculptures. An excellent space to play around with creative layouts for smaller pieces.

As the quintessential art fair booth, this gallery is composed of a front-facing wall and two side walls. With a good source of natural light, this is a well-lit space. With a few tweaks in the customization option on wall colors and floor materials, this booth can be an intimate space that reflects your view.

See this Gallery.

Nam June: a dynamic space for creators

If you have a large body of work, a strong visual narrative, mixed media pieces, and a modern take on how art can inhibit a space, Nam June is certainly the space for you.

This space has two softly lit boots carefully designed to showcase video or multimedia art pieces, plus it has space to present up to 91 wall art pieces and 12 sculptures.
The space offers a dynamic experience for visitors and interesting opportunities for artists and curators to customize it to highlight their aesthetic.

See Diane’s demo exhibition “Aquagrafia”.

Discover Diane: a cozy space for smaller collections

Is your current collection composed of small art pieces? Diane might be the right setting to showcase it.

This small-sized and square-shaped Virtual Gallery has a rectangular skylight in the middle of the ceiling that gives a nice source of natural light to the space.

With six walls facing each other, this is a cozy gallery that can host up to 50 artworks and 3 sculptures and offers the visitor a smooth visualization experience.

See Camille’s demo exhibition “Numinous” by Monika Morgenstern.

Make your art come to life in Camille

Camille is a gallery designed with flexibility in mind, its big and harmonic white cube space offers endless possibilities for artists and curators. It’s all a matter of doing the right customization tweaks to achieve the desired aesthetic.

This gallery can host up to 34 wall art and 5 sculptures in elegant and easy-to-navigate modern space.

See Keith’s demo exhibition “NYC Street Art Heroes” in collaboration with West Chelsea Contemporary.

The modern city vibes of Keith

Edgy, urban, and modern, that’s the Keith virtual gallery. Its brick walls and natural light sources give it a grungy feel that enhances its city-inspired vibes.

This gallery was thought of for edgy exhibition proposals that want to break with traditional layouts. It hosts up to 37 artworks and 8 sculptures, and with its customizing options, there is a wide range of opportunities for artists and curators who want to let their creativity run amok and try new things in a digital environment.

See Georgia’s demo exhibition with wildlife photographer Chase Teron.

Georgia: an industrial ambiance for art

If you have a big collection to showcase, Georgia is a good match. This is a big gallery space with room for up to 110 wall art pieces and 6 sculptures.

It offers a smooth navigation route for visitors in the middle of an industrial-inspired space, it can be customized and tweaked to achieve a myriad of aesthetics and enhance the present collection of artworks.

See the Hokusai demo gallery in collaboration with Out of Africa.

Meet the modern layout of Hokusai

Hokusai is a virtual gallery space that will take your memory back to the times you have visited modern and well-known galleries in the art world.

Even though it has a traditional layout, there is a more modern vibe to it, and the customization options for wall colors and floor materials can make this the ideal space for more demure audiences and even exhibitions with a more risky take. With a medium-sized space, this gallery holds up to 79 artworks and 8 sculptures.

See Frida’s demo exhibition.

Frida: a digital museum-like space

Frida is a large 3D virtual gallery that evokes modern museums. Its layout and open space are ideal for big art collections, being able to host up to 144 wall pieces and 12 sculptures.

Easy to navigate, Frida’s museum-like vibe and experience are visually enhanced for online visitors with many details. For example, as they roam around, they will be met with stylish black leather benches along their journey, resembling “in real life” spaces they are familiar with. ArtPlacer’s customization options open the chance to recreate and capture different aesthetics that will surely highlight your collection.

See Jean Michel’s demo exhibition: Perpetual Change.

The modern elegance of Jean Michel

If you are curating a solo show or an online art show for a small group of artists, this is the ideal gallery space for you. Jean Michel is an open and airy space with a terrace and windows, great sources of natural light.

This stylish layout is enhanced with two modern wooden benches that add to the contemporary feel and give it an “in real life” vibe to the gallery. This 3D virtual space holds up to 51 artworks on its walls and 6 sculptures.

See Vincent’s demo exhibition by Clay Benksi.

Take a tour through Vincent

If you want to create an experience for visitors and a journey inside the spaces that highlight your curatorial decisions and artworks, this is the right gallery for your project.

Vincent has a zig-zag layout and it’s divided into four small rooms, this allows artists and gallerists to create capsule spaces with different concepts, providing the visitor with a more engaging and dynamic experience. This 3D gallery has available space to showcase 62 wall artworks and 5 sculptures or 3D-like objects.

See Leonardo’s demo exhibition “Ce n’est Pas Art”.

The marvelous views of the Leonardo Gallery

If you want a 3D digital space that really captures the experience of an “in situ” gallery, Leonardo might be the right choice for you.

This digital gallery has subtle outside views that can be appreciated through its windows. In many ways is conceptualized as Georgia’s big brother, and is an even bigger space with an industrial-inspired design.

This exhibition space was really designed for big collections, being able to host a total of 132 wall art pieces and 8 sculptures.

Now that you know all of ArtPlacer’s Virtual Exhibitions: which one fits your aesthetics the most? Start curating your next show today.

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